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Take back Control over your Tasks!

Organize is about being more productive in a complex world.

It's about easily capturing ideas and stuff when things happen - in your office, during a meeting, on the way to work, while your waiting at the airport or the train station.

It's about quickly and easily organizing that stuff into Projects and, if you like GTD, into Contexts. About setting priorities, review dates or simply delegating some tasks.

And - most of all - it's about being reminded of the important things at the right time and place to get them done! No matter where you are.

Basically Organize is about getting back into the driver's seat and controlling your tasks instead of being driven by them!

If you're a freelancer, project manager, or simply working on more than several different tasks during your work day, Organize is the right choice for you!


Get Organize HD for iPad

for your iPad and iPad 2 on the App Store now for free.

The upgrade to Organize:Pro is available for $6.99 (price in USD, local taxes may be added by the AppStore). To upgrade to Organize:Pro use the integrated In-App purchase.
Organize is compatible with iPad and iPad 2 running iOS 4.0 or later. Older releases of iOS are not supported.
Full feature set
Have a look the our Organize for iPad feature chart for a complete list of features available in Organize.
Online Manual
Want to know more? Have a look at the Organize for iPad manual online.

Take back Control over your Tasks...

  • ... with a simple 3-Step System to Manage your Tasks
          • 1. Capture
          • 2. Review and Process
          • 3. Track and Complete




Capture your Tasks - Fast and intuitive

    • Drag and Drop support to manage subtasks
    • Quick-Add input to "just write down" your task list
    • Add Images and Audio recordings (dictations) to any Task
    • Integrated Preview for Images, Audio and Web Links
    • Global Search
    • Quick Access to Completed Tasks


Easily manage Projects and Subtasks

    • Organize your tasks in Projects and Sub-Projects
    • Use Subtasks to bring more structure to your Projects
    • Assign Contexts (i.e. location or people) to your Tasks
    • Unlimited Levels for Subprojects, Subcontexts, Subtasks

Powerful Review features...

  • ... because we want you to stay in the drivers seat!
    • See the overall status and Next Steps at a glance with the Project Dashboard
    • Review your Tasks by Date, Project or Context (Location/Person)
    • Global Search
    • Show completed Tasks In-Place


Customize your Look&Feel

  • Organize comes with different themes - from iOS classic to translucent. Choose the colors and backgrounds you prefer.


WiFi and Cloud Sync included

  • Sync with Organize for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad
  • Use WiFi or Cloud Sync


Keep an eye on us!

  • Organize is brand-new and we are busy adding new features!
  • Got any ideas on how to improve Organize? Write us at info@taskfabric.com - we listen!
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